TULIP FIELDS in Hoeksche Waard (NL)

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The best place to see tulip fields in Holland totally undisturbed is where you least expect it. For the first time in 2019 tulip fields are to be seen in the ”Hoeksche Waard”. Just south of Rotterdam the tulip fields can be admired without being hindered by long queues and crowds of tourists.


After a few weeks the tulips are topped. That’s when the flowers are chopped off. What matters is the producers want the bulbs, not the flowers. When the tulips are growing all the energy is going to the flowers. By taking the flowers off all energy goes to the bulb.


Depending on the weather conditions the best time to see the tulips in bloom is end April.


Ko Augustijn made a photo impression of the splendid colors in the ”Hoeksche Waard”.