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AVP newsletter – No. 75 – December 2019

Happy New Year 2020




It was a busy year. In 2019, AVP even released two new nature films.


”THE ENDLESS PLAINS”. A unique film about life on the endless plains of the Serengeti. Tanzania is famous for its overwhelming amount of wildlife and offers a huge diversity of nature. The film provides lots of information and contains plenty of action. To be able to eat and not to be eaten.


With mixed feelings the filmmakers decided that AVP will no longer make special “elephant orphan films”.

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AVP newsletter – No. 74 – November 2019

Weesolifanten Worden Wild

Weesolifanten Worden Wild



Dutch filmmakers Ko and Ria Augustijn were back in Kenya in October 2018 to capture footage for their new ”elephant film”.


In NAIROBI filming was done at the ”David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust” from 11am to noon and late afternoon. All baby-elephants are orphan. Most of the time, the traumatized elephants do not show any of their suffering. The seriously injured elephant orphan “ENKESHA” is different. She almost lost her entire trunk by a trap. She survived, but she is scarred for life.

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AVP newsletter – No. 73 – August 2019

flyer Leyhoeve copy

AVP give a presentation at “DE LEYHOEVE” in Tilburg (NL).


”De Leyhoeve” in Tilburg invited Dutch filmmakers Ko and Ria Augustijn to present AVP’s most recent nature film ”the ENDLESS PLAINS”.
Produced by Augustijn Video Productions (AVP).


The AVP team was shooting for this film in Tanzania. Right in the south-east part of the Serengeti. The name ”Serengeti” is taken from the Maasai language. ”Serengit” means ”ENDLESS PLAINS”.


End January/early February 400.000 wildebeest are born there every year.
All within a two-week time span. All predators together cannot possibly eat
so many.

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AVP newsletter – No. 72 – August 2019






William has been on sub hire by Kenya’s largest tour operator Pollman’s, and was driving a group of American tourists near THOMSON’s FALLS, when he was stopped by the police for alleged speeding on Friday August 16, 2019.


William was arrested and was taken to the nearby police station, and very unfortunately, without any cause at all, he collapsed and died just outside the police report office. Apparently the commotion surrounding his arrest killed him. Possibly even having been brutalized by the police. Pressing charges against the government for wrongful death is under consideration.

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AVP newsletter – No. 71 – August 2019

20181028_114850 (1)




No news does not mean that there was no action. To the contrary. Since our film ”the Endless Plains”, for which the footage was shot in Tanzania in January 2017, the AVP team has meanwhile been filming in Kenya twice. Most recently in June 2019.


In October 2018 we were in Kenya to shoot two films. A general wildlife documentary and an ”elephant film”.
The nature documentary will be called ”SPOT ON”. Quite appropriate because AVP tends to be right on time
in the right place.

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AVP newsletter – No. 70 – March 2019

DVD cover Endless Plains




The Dutch filmmaker Ko Augustijn and his spouse Ria again crossed several parks in Tanzania early 2017. Their goal was to film the many wintering bird species and the baby-boom of the wildebeest (gnu) in Ndutu.


Situated in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. On the edge of the famous endless plains of the Serengeti.


Their driver/guide – Frederick James Kissenga – was once part of the support crew for Dutch cinematographer Hugo van Lawick, who got buried at the place where his camp was for 30 years. Frederick can vividly elaborate about his experiences in our AVP clip with working title ”Nature film RAW”.

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AVP newsletter – No. 69 – January 2019





The beautiful film ”AFTER THE RAINS” (AVP newsletter 66 of August 2018) of course calls for a follow-up. Producing a wildlife documentary does not, however, come without struggle.


Filming wild animals in nature means working under many constraints. Not only dependent on time and financial resources, but mostly it’s the (rainy)seasons which determine when footage can be shot in Africa.

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AVP newsletter – No. 67 – September 2018





The film  ”Earth” – made in 2007  by Disneynature, BBC and Discovery Channel – took 5 years to be made with a budget
of no less than EUR 45 million.


Dutch filmmaker Ko Augustijn of Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) has to do with a little less. Yet the final result of AVP’s
efforts is certainly worthwhile.

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AVP newsletter – No. 66 – August 2018

After the Rains

After the Rains




”The absence is only evident when something is not there”.
AVP shows in their most recent wildlife film ”AFTER THE RAINS” what that means in Kenya.


Rains! Africa bounces back. After a long period of drought, it rains again. Even outside the rainy season! Nature is out of control. New life seems to be ignorant. The savannah is full of young animals checking out their unknown surroundings. Predators keep nature balanced. Animals – rarely to be seen – are now fully in the picture.

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