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AVP newsletter – No. 83 – December 2021

Happy New Year 2022




The world is changing rapidly. Often at the expense of quality. Future plans end up in the waste bin. Adjust! Sink or swim.


Some people don’t enjoy todays life anymore.


Eating out is obstructed. Visits are limited. Travel is being made more difficult.


Time to reflect on what you DO have.


Fortunately, AVP can still draw on a considerable stock of unprocessed footage. Exclusive movies without ads. Nature like it really is. Like every visitor to distant countries can capture it. Equipped  with some knowledge and a bit of luck of course.


Tips, tricks and suggestions can gladly be shared by our experienced film team.


On our home page you will see YOU TUBE “uploads” of well over 120 AVP trailers.


”The light always stays shining. If you have the courage to see it.”, said Amanda Gorman.


Whatever you do, do it safely.


Happy New Year!

Ko and Ria Augustijn


AVP newsletter – No. 82 – August 2021



02 June 1941 – 24 August 2021


I knew Charlie (and Shirley) from a different perspective than with his band. We first met 19 years ago in Deurne (NL).


An International show of Arabian thoroughbred horses,
organized by Mrs. Jopie Smarius of Smaroel Arabians.


As the only official filmmaker, I had the privilege of filming the various ”International Arabian Horse Shows” for several years.


Opportunities to enjoy a short stay in a relaxed atmosphere with horse owners such as the Watts family and
HRH Princess Alia al Hussein (the daughter of).

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AVP newsletter – No. 81 – April 2021

SPOT ON copy




Still images from AVP film “SPOT ON” were posted on Facebook pages “Ko Augustijn” and “Augustijn Video Productions (AVP)”.


Due to the misery of the past period, it was decided that our
latest film “SPOT ON” to be placed in its entirety on YouTube.
Of course, the one-hour movie IS NOT public. The “PRIVATE VIDEO” can only be watched by invitees.


One of the selected invitees responded:
“Well spoken, this man has a fine voice. Also well filmed and interesting animals. Indeed, films are very close to previous nature films on TV. That’s double, you don’t want to hear that. But that means that it is very good!”

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AVP Newsletter – No. 80 – February 2021

foto Houtsnip




A WOODCOCK in your garden? That happened in Oud Beijerland (NL).


The snow ’s just gone when there was something on the back terrace early in the morning.


A brown ball with a long beak – as big as a pigeon – quickly ducked under the bushes. He kept hidden there for hours and did not move. Only in the late afternoon we suddenly saw him walking in the middle of the lawn. Looking for worms. Their favorite meal. Until even in the dark he pulled one worm after the other out of the ground that has just been thawed. The next morning he was gone.

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AVP newsletter – No. 79 – December 2020

Happy New Year 2021




No one could have foreseen that our lives would change so drastically in such a short time.


The new coronavirus causes the disease COVID-19. Few had ever heard of COVID-19 or CORONA. Until the world literally turned upside down at the beginning of 2020. Death and destruction controlled many of our lives.  At best, we could no longer relax and travel became taboo.


Inevitably, that also included our beloved Africa. Orphan elephants in Kenya needed to be cared for. For the caretakers, the restrictions meant that they were no longer allowed to travel. They had to stay in the location
where they were for a long time. Like us, they too were no longer allowed to greet and embrace loved ones.

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AVP newsletter – No. 78 – September 2020





Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) released a special nature film.


The English spoken wildlife documentary “REPTILES IN KENYA”.


Kenya has much more to offer than the BIG FIVE. Most animals, however, remain hidden, but you can be sure there are many eyes watching you.


To see REPTILES in the wild is a different story. The team of Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) found them and captured the most deadly snakes and bitty crocodiles on film in “REPTILES IN KENYA”.

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AVP newsletter – No. 77 – June 2020

Louis Drent



17 March 1944 – 23 June 2020


Louis and I first met 10 years ago in Voi, Kenya.


Already while introducing each other Louis immediately started: ”Photographers and filmmakers don’t mix. They constantly get in each other’s way.”
Well, that sounds promising. That creates a bond….


However, we will not always be able to avoid each other. Both of us were commissioned by ”Friends of the Elephant” to make a shooting of orphan elephants.


Separately we left for Ithumba, located in the far north of Tsavo East.

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AVP newsletter – No. 76 – April 2020

Edwin, Ria en Ko




The year started so well, until February the first Dutchman became ill from Corona.


Yet another outbreak of Ebola in Congo. The biggest locusts plague ever terrorizes East Africa, while people are already dying by the Corona virus which is circulating around the world.

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AVP newsletter – No. 75 – December 2019

Happy New Year 2020




It was a busy year. In 2019, AVP even released two new nature films.


”THE ENDLESS PLAINS”. A unique film about life on the endless plains of the Serengeti. Tanzania is famous for its overwhelming amount of wildlife and offers a huge diversity of nature. The film provides lots of information and contains plenty of action. To be able to eat and not to be eaten.


With mixed feelings the filmmakers decided that AVP will no longer make special “elephant orphan films”.

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AVP newsletter – No. 74 – November 2019

Weesolifanten Worden Wild

Weesolifanten Worden Wild



Dutch filmmakers Ko and Ria Augustijn were back in Kenya in October 2018 to capture footage for their new ”elephant film”.


In NAIROBI filming was done at the ”David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust” from 11am to noon and late afternoon. All baby-elephants are orphan. Most of the time, the traumatized elephants do not show any of their suffering. The seriously injured elephant orphan “ENKESHA” is different. She almost lost her entire trunk by a trap. She survived, but she is scarred for life.

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