About us


1970 – 1995     :  photography

1996 – present :  filmmaker



Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) are independent filmmakers.


A small energetic team. Extensive experience, understanding, perseverance and reliable contacts guarantee efficient
functioning with a high profitability.


AVP is specialised in wildlife documentaries. Besides that AVP produce nature films, travel films, industrial videos, corporate promos, (inter)national shows and events.


Audio Visual Productions are produced by AVP under own management. Research, script writing, film making, editing, translations, sub-titling, design DVD covers, making trailers, etc. All of that in one hand. One point of entry. One partner.


That makes AVP flexible and very competitive.



Ko Augustijn started off back in 1970 as independent photographer with owned darkroom facilities.
Today he is a freelance filmmaker and works with digital HDV cameras.


Together with his adventurous spouse they work fast and efficient.


Their passion is capturing the savage wilderness.


Extensive knowledge and solid experience was acquired during their many travels. From North  America, Canada, north to Alaska all the way to mystical Indonesia, Thailand, Laos and China.


The real passion of the AVP crew indisputably lies in East and Southern Africa. Besides Namibia, Botswana and Zambia the AVP team is often to be found in Kenya and Tanzania.


Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) has grown to become a connoisseur par excellence.


But AVP does more.


Elephant orphans

AVP produced multiple films about elephant orphans in Kenya. Initially filming the elephant orphans was commissioned by “Friends of the Elephant”.


The films were intended for foster parents in the Netherlands and Belgium. Nowadays AVP films are produced under own responsibility of Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) to serve a broader public.


Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) is more than happy to offer their detailed know-how and broad experience.

foto Louis Drent