Film trailers


AVP film trailers last on average 2 – 5 minutes. They serve to show the most important moments of the actual film.


Film trailers by AVP serve multiple purposes:


 - film trailers on AVP website:
Short promotional films on our website serve to provide an impression of the actual film.
Description, running time, price, etc. are mentioned together with the film trailer.


- promo on your website:
Film trailers make your website more attractive, lively and provide a unique advertisement tool.


The exclusive films by Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) are available for:


- television company:
Broadcast AVP wildlife documentaries on television or use as a program idea.


- tourist agency and tour operator:
Purchase films by AVP and give to (prospective) customers as ”Give-away”.


- educational:
Nature- and environmental education for (special) education, symposiums, exhibits for a chosen audience, etc.


- general:
Exclusive films as a special gift for birthdays, celebrations, end year festivities or as Christmas gift for clientele.
On special demand AVP films are also available in English on PAL or NTSC format.


- order our films:
AVP films are only available at Augustijn Video Productions (AVP).


- price:
The price of the films – as given with the film trailers – are inclusive of VAT and exclusive of postage.


- information:
Request information in section ”contact” for possibilities and other desired information.





The quality of the trailers is NOT the high standard quality of the original AVP films.
State of technology at the time forced
 YouTube to strongly compress the video films we delivered to them.
Original AVP films on 4:3 format are of high quality and are almost similar to the present HD quality on 16:9 format.


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