Wolves attack red deer



Birds of prey circle above a huge herd of red deer. A black shadow in the silent forest remains not unnoticed. Wolves !


Seemingly playful the black shadows sneak through the foliage. Birds of prey like owls and eagles sound the alarm.
The herd of deer becomes restless.


Strategically the wolves take their places. Their choice is made. Nervously the deer crowd together.


The net closes when the wolves come down from the forest one by one. At the time when the wolves start running,
the herd of hinds stampede in full panic, chased by the hungry pack of wolves.


The inevitable happens.


Contented the wolves withdraw in their dens, hidden between rocks in the dark forest.


Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) was there.

Title: Wolves attack red deer
Running time: 3 minutes
Language: n.a.
Voice over: none
Recording year:  AVP © 2007
Format: 4:3
Price: EUR 4,95