Arabian horses


On recommendation of daughter Karin an International show of Arabian thoroughbred horses was attended.
The “Tulip Cup 2000″ in Deurne (NL). A filmed impression was handed over to organizer Jopie Smarius of Smaroel Arabians.


Smaroel Arabians was the oldest breeding farm of Arabian thoroughbred horses. Owners Sjef and Jopie Smarius worked 40 years to achieve their dream.


Having seen the film featuring the highlights of “Tulip Cup 2000” Jopie was persuaded.


AVP was asked to capture the annual events on video. The film crew was well fed and accommodated in Deurne. Days in a row the team filmed amongst and with the horses. Behind the scenes and during the great international shows in Deurne and Tilburg (NL).


This became the start of a series of films Jopie asked us to produce.


In these shows the jury, consisting of at least 3 persons, judge the looks of the horse, the walking and trotting,
the appearance and posture.


Attendees are a diversity of horse lovers, varying from breeders, owners, buyers and visitors.


HRH Alia Hussain of Jordan kindly invited us in at the shielded royal stables. Charlie Watts, drummer of
the Rolling Stones, clarified that he and his wife Shirley were owners of Halsdon Arabians. Both Princess Alia,
as well as the Watts family, were ones of many who purchased the first “horse film” produced by AVP.


Being appointed the one and only official filmmaker Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) was privileged to film several shows:


- Tulip Cup 2000 – Deurne (NL)

- Tulip Cup 2002 – Deurne (NL)

- Regional Judging Tilburg 2002

- Egyptian Classic Show Tilburg 2002

- Regional Judging Tilburg 2003 (double DVD)

- Egyptian Classic Show Tilburg 2003 (double DVD)


The shows at Tilburg also were the last ones. Sjef and Jopie Smarius passed the torch to the next generation.
At the touching farewell the two energetic organizers were acclaimed to be “Best of Show“.


On special request the films were re-released and it turned out to be a success!
The quality of the DVD’s proves to be beyond expectations.


Varying aspects which make the films valuable is explained by the fact that there appears to be more interest in films showing horses that became champions.


AVP deliver these “limited editions” as a timeless souvenir.


Our “trailers” contain short fragments from a film, showing what the film is all about.


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