Egyptian Classic Show 2002 – Tilburg, NL



Again Sjef and Jopie Smarius organized a special show. The ”Egyptian Classic Show” gained popularity amongst friends of Arabian thoroughbred horses. Some 60 horses from Holland, Belgium, Germany and Qatar were judged by Dr Jung from Germany.


Sheikh Hamad Bin Al Thani brought the Arabian desert to the lush green Dutch meadows.


The film shows

JK Omar (1), Topi s Radoszin (2), Topi s Patroeska (4), Alisha (5), FA Zain (8), FA Wanis (12), Mutahhar (15), Authentic Karzim (16), Jandeh Al Naif (17), Latifa Bint Mosalli (18), Lar Layla (19), JK Bint Dirah (21), Authentic Nabeelah (22), Princess Nourah (26), El Thay Kamla (27), Ansata Mouna (31), Karim Rodan (39), Flaxman x Sarina (42), Remarqable KA (43), Ishmara S (45), Bint Massouda S (47), Ansata Queen Nefi (50), RF Fa-Moniet (51), Flaxman s Maroufa (52), Sinan Pasha (53), Tahir (54), An Mahray (57), Ansata Nile Echo (58), Ibn Barrada (62), Teymur B (63), Daila Halim (64), Ibn Barrada (67), and many others.


Whilst “Ibn Barrada”, “Remarqable KA”, “Ansata Queen Nefi”, “Ansata Nile Echo” and many others made quite an impression, Piet Voskens – owner of ”Bien Venue” – equally impressed with his demonstration of his 4 horse team. A jury riding camel and a show with border collies and geese made this day an unforgettable success.


Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) filmed these magnificent Straight Egyptian Arabian horses, and many other enchanting champions, throughout the day.


The result is a priceless DVD, showing the best of the finest Arabian thoroughbred horses.


Extra footage is added:
Princess Nourah (26), RF Fa-Moniet (51), An Mayray (57), Sinan Pasha (53).


Unbroken lines from Bedouin tribes in the Arabian deserts now reflect the finest of desert-bred horses.

Title: “Egyptian Classic Show 2002 – Tilburg”
Running time: 48 minutes plus BONUS = TOTAL 58 minutes
Language: Dutch
Voice over: LIVE spoken
Recording year:  AVP © 2002
Format: PAL / 4:3
Price: EUR 12,95