Egyptian Classic Show 2003 – Tilburg, NL



Jopie Smarius brought the International ”Egyptian Classic Show” back to Tilburg (NL). The event has become an understanding where the finest Arabian thoroughbred horses are judged. An exciting demonstration with many surprises.


Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) was present all day to capture the most beautiful moments on film.


A Junior Championship of 5 to 12 years old, a freestyle by Kelly Outhuyse with Sinai Al Ray, an impressing show of falconry Rijssen and Piet Voskens of livery stable ”Bien Venue” steering his 4-team horses at full speed over the racecourse.


By way of special treat ”Ansata Ramesses” entered the ring, the former personal riding-horse of King Hassan II of Morocco.


Lightfooted horses are trotting in ”slow motion” along the jury. The champions are portrayed in detail, with name and descendants subtitled.


Topi’s Halim Shara (2), Mashahana (3), BV Ammareto’s Vision (4), DHS Mabrouk (8), Insh Allah (10), Kamaahr (14), Madahn ”S” (17), Massubi (18), Najm (19), Authentic Khazim (21), Malika Halima (22), Flaxman’s Ameera (24), Hadiba (30), GR Marianah (31), Authentic Dahna (34), Rosanne (74), Dyonta Leeggangers, Sinai Al Ray (72), Isaad Al-Badeia (37), Dahmrak’s Kamilah (38), El Thay Mashoura (41), Dandasha (43), JA Amazing Grace (44), Gazella ”S” (45), Flaxman’s Odurraa (46), Ishmara ”S” (47), Nassima (48), Mangalee Ibn Shadwan (53), Hanaya Ali Pasha (54), Authentic Kharazi (57), ZT Sahjat (61), Radames II (63), Jahill (64), Maida Bint Bint Mohssen (69), Najm (66).


Jopie surprised speaker Adri van der Velden by handing over a portrait of her horse, painted by Jopie herself.


Because of their efforts over the past years Sjef and Jopie were nominated to be ”Best of Show”.


”Best of Show” of the Arabians was the grey ”Insh Allah”.


The champions were perpetuated on a unique double DVD. A sort of time-lapse picture that revives the best of the Arabian thoroughbred horses.

Title: “Egyptian Classic Show 2003″ – Tilburg
Running time: PART 1: 60 minutes / PART 2: 42 minutes
Language: Dutch
Voice over: LIVE spoken
Recording year:  AVP © 2003
Format: PAL / 4:3
Price: EUR 14,95   (double DVD)