Regionale Keuring Zuid 2003 – Tilburg, NL



Highlights of judging and C-Show of Arabian Thoroughbred horses are available on an exclusive double DVD.


For the 13th time the Regional Judging took place at the livery stable ”Bien Venue” and it turned out to be a very special one indeed. The finest Arabians were presented to the professional jury.


The whole day through the hot-tempered Arabian horses were captured on digital film.


In every Class the first 3 champions are extensively shown, mentioning:
name, AVS registration number, and father and mother with pedigree.


To properly judge the movement of the horses, part of the motion is shown in ”slow motion”.


Two hours to enjoy an event of championship and a diverse program.


A sparkling show with promising fowls, Saddle Class, Liberty Class, Oriental costumed and freestyle performed by Kelly Outhuyse on Sinai Al Ray.


This and much more is pictured in the exclusive film produced by Ko Augustijn.


Organizers Sjef and Jopie Smarius announced to pass the torch to the next generation.


All the more a memento and valuable souvenir for breeders, owners, participants and lovers of the Arabian thoroughbred horse.


Tilburg Reg. Judgement 19 July 2003 – PART 1
Amid (1), E.S. Rajesh (4), Le Beau ”F” (6), E.S. Rivas (11), M.M. Sultan (15), Svadar SVA (16), L.A. Jamal (17), Taluqa Salam (18), A.F. Esquire (22), Jamai (24), M.A. Djamir (25), Orashai Salam (30), Vaybian (31), Veneto (32), A.F. Karimah (33), Yokosuka F. (43), Vavesta Axe Arabe (44), Sinai Al Ray (48), L.A. Shafay (49), Nafis Salam (50), Amalaristides (51), Dolci’s Don Diego (52), Efrit (53), R.H. Menuschkin (54), B.A. Fortuna (55), Shaharan (57), Aicha SVA (58), Flaxman’s Ameera (59), Hasanaat Al Haneefa (60), Aviv-Asmar Boeni (65)
Running time: 58 minutes


Tilburg Reg. Judgement 19 July 2003 – PART 2
Bess-Chandirah (62), A.F. Fine Bayla (63), Habiba K (64), Flaxman ‘s Waserra (66), Ter Waele Hamidah (67), Julimah Salam (68), Kar Hacedor (72), Paroeska (74), Isaad Albadeia (77), Kalaskana (78), Varina (83), Ishmara-S (89), Plakarna (90), Ya Karma (92), Dandasha (94), Djaikha (95), Onara (96), Gazella S (97), Alkan (101), Amalaristides (103, Menzannab Najm (105), Esprit (110), Flaxman’s Rabdan (111), Prismen (112)
Running time: 59 minutes

Title: “Regionale Keuring Zuid 2003 – Tilburg”
Running time: part 1 : 58 minutes / part 2: 59 minutes
Language: Dutch
Voice over: LIVE spoken
Recording year:  AVP © 2003
Format: PAL / 4:3
Price: EUR 14,95   (double DVD)