Tulip Cup 2002





Highlights of the International B-Show in Deurne (NL) on May 4 and 5, 2002 were captured on film by Augustijn Video Productions (AVP).


Since many years Deurne (NL) has become the heart of the International B-Show for pure-bred Arabian horses.
For the full week-end more than 150 Arabian horses from 10 different countries, compete for the eagerly desired ”TULIP CUP AWARD”. The ”beauty contest” is in the ”In Hand Class”. A skilled International jury of high expertise judges the horses on type, stature, and movement. Many thousands of tulips provide the finishing touch to make this an event never to forget. An Arabian tournament in a truly Dutch setting!


This digitally recorded film offers an overall impression of this 2 day event, which allows you to again experience the sensation and passion for owners, breeders, and admirers of the Arabian horse.


Have a look back stage, when horses arrive and are prepared for the show. Enjoy the impressive shows presented by Marco Hoebeke of Assisi Arabians with Persist, Isolde Frenzel (on horse) and Frank Bock (on camel) with Timbu & Ghat and silently admire the freestyle by Lily Christiansen with Jupither accompanied by Spanish guitar. Full power when the horses go full out in the Liberty Class.


Stars of the film include:

Nadija Bint Nadir (2) Jingali (3), Bess Dara (4) Vivaldi F. (17), Anjali Aneekha (27), Mauhiba J. (30), Bess-Cordessa (38), Tahani Salam (85), Esstashan (110), Mirona (119), Copacabana (130), Rih-Al-Tariq (141), Hlayyil Ramadan (149), SDPTaylor (151), Leila (156), Shandra NA (172), Pilot (181), Amgad (190).


Bonus footage was added to the film on special request: Rih-Al-Tariq (141), Ali Shaamir SL (111), Ferratti (77), A.F. Abigail (132), Nadjah Ibn Piwonia-D (140), Gaspar (136), Rih-Al-Tariq (141).


Overall Champion was “Hlayyil Ramadan” (149), owned by HRH Princess Alia Al Hussain of Jordan.


Highly ranked was Halsdon Arabians, owned by Mrs. Shirley Watts, spous of also present Charlie Watts,
drummer of the Rolling Stones.


A valuable souvenir for the real lover of Arabian thoroughbred horses.

Title: “Tulip Cup 2002″
Running time: 26 minutes plus bonus 15 minutes: TOTAL 41 minutes.
Language: Dutch
Voice over: LIVE spoken
Recording year:  AVP © 2002
Format: 4:3
Price: EUR 9,95