Camargue (F)


Situated in the South of France lies between the small- and great river Rhône the famous delta. An unspoiled area.
The Camargue. Home to the world famous Gipsy Kings and Manitas de Plata, uncle to Los Reyes.


An important area known for salt making, rice-fields, and vineyards growing the famous sand wines like Listel.


A marshland with lakes and lagunas, surrounded by Aigues Mortes, Arles and in the east Salin de Giraud.
The capital being Les Saintes Maries de la Mer.


Semi wild white horses, black bulls, and some 20.000 pairs of flamingos. Gypsies playing their rhumba flamenco music at relaxed terraces. More Spanish then French the inviting enclave is burning Mediterranean sun.


AVP captured that unreal French atmosphere on photo and film. A dramatic wilderness where life is tough, hard work, spectacles and partying.


Our ”trailers” contain short fragments from a film, showing what the film is all about.


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