Spectacle en Camargue



Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) made an action movie about the harsh life in the Camargue.


France like you’ve never experienced it. Savage, pure, exciting, with the attractive centre of the Camargue;
Les Saintes Maries de la Mer.


The Camargue, not influenced by “the outside world”, is home to gipsies, black bulls, the famous white horses and thousands of pink flamingos.


The arena of Saintes Maries is the centre of many spectacle. Athletic boys show their skills by grasping a cord from between the bulls’ horns. Only the fastest among them will escape the furious attacks of the young bulls.


The Guardans, with their fast semi wild horses, chase selected bulls and bring them together. An activity that produces a lot of dust. The bulls are being used for playing, but are not killed.

Title: Spectacle en Camargue
Running time: 45 minutes
Language: French
Voice over: none
Recording year:  AVP © 2000
Format: 4:3
Price: EUR 12,50