Food for Thought


With the production ”Food for Thought” a critical appraisal is offered on ”nature” in the Netherlands.


During reading the text rolls slowly up to the top of the screen. Atmospheric images and music complete the production.


Some  feel to be experiencing inconvenience from ”invasive species” which would upset the balance in Dutch nature.


Fact is that the Netherlands are very inconsistent in their tolerance policy. Fallow deer, crow, beaver and raccoons may be shot. Rose-ringed parakeet and Egyptian geese are to be actively eradicated.


On the ”Veluwe” (popular forested countryside) each year hundreds of deer, roe deer, hare and wild boar are shot to reduce the population.


On the other hand much non-native flora and fauna is introduced in the Netherlands. Moufflon on the ”Hoge Veluwe” (popular Dutch nature reserve of 55 km2) derive from Sardinia and Corsica. Scottish Highlanders and Galloway from Scotland. Cranberries from North America were washed up when merchant ships sank. Also the Konik horses and Heck cattle in the ”Oostvaardersplassen” (Dutch nature reserve of 56 km2 reclaimed from sea) are not indigenous.


”Nature” in Holland. Food for thought.




Title: ”Food for Thought”

Running time: 6 minutes

Language: Dutch only !!

Voice over:  none

Recording year: AVP © 2017

Format: PAL / High Definition 16:9

Price: EUR 10,00 (plus postage)