This trailer is a short promo showing what the wildlife documentary ”AFTER THE RAINS” is about.


After the rains the dry savanna changes to green plains. Nature is restoring its delicate balance.


Wide-open grasslands full of newborn animals, a lot of action, excitement. The annual migration of the wildebeest
is in full swing, and indeed lions keep nature balanced.


The Dutch couple Ko and Ria Augustijn filmed many young animals in Kenya. Many endangered animals.
Many rarely seen animals. Unique shots under particular circumstances.
Produced by Augustijn Video Productions (AVP).


”AFTER the RAINS” is an exclusive film, released on double DVD. Each of the two parts contains many highlights
in addition to the expected wildlife in East Africa.


- lots of action by the lions

- giraffes are ”neckfighting”

- cheetah mother with 6 newborn fuzz balls

- wildebeest on the runway are facing a speeding plane

- Lake Elementaita; a salt water bird paradise

- Kakamega forest; the last remaining tropical rain forest

- Grevy zebras; the largest species of zebra is seriously endangered

- striped hyena are rarely seen

- filmcrew is completely surrounded by a large herd of elephants

- African wild hunting dogs with 10 pups leave their den

- white rhinos get help from rangers with dogs

- fighting black rhinos show to be extremely aggressive

- mating ostriches

- and much more


The wildlife documentary ”AFTER the RAINS” is entertaining, educational, amusing and relaxing.


A family film for all ages. Dutch narrated by Ko Augustijn.


Title: AFTER the RAINS
Running time: Part 1:  47 minutes  / Part 2:  38 minutes
Language: Dutch
Voice over: Ko Augustijn
Recording year:  AVP © 2014
Format: PAL High Definition 16:9
Price: EUR 24,95   (double DVD)   (plus postage)