Blue Eyes

The big cats of Africa are the stuff of dreams. Few people are lucky enough to see them close up. Close enough to see the color of their eyes. This is Augustijn Video Production’s mission. The search for blue eyes takes them to the most beautiful places in Kenya. Danger and adventure all the way!


Face to face with the bad tempered black rhino. A column of army ants are on the war path. Lions stalk their prey, ready to attack. Progeny of the famous lioness Elsa.


Rare creatures such as the gerenuk and the naked mole rat show themselves. The enormous martial eagle catches his prey. Elephants cross the Ewaso Ngiro River.


The film crew gets stuck in the middle of a river. The big cats wait for their chance.


Impalas and topis fight for leadership as the spitting cobra glides through the high grass. Little bundles of fluff play under the watchful eye of their cheetah mother. A hyena contemplates adding the film crew to its menu.


A film of adventure and excitement exploring Kenya.


In search of the elusive leopard, Blue Eyes.

Title: Blue Eyes
Running time: 53 minutes
Language: English
Voice over: Marijke Bangert
Recording year:  AVP © 2010
Format: High Definition 16:9
Price: EUR 14,95