Cheetah with 6 cubs.


Sunrise over Kenya on August 20, 2014.


Seemingly empty plains, but looks may be deceiving.


Somewhere in the Mara we ran into a Cheetah with 6 cubs. The birth of six cubs is a rare event that only happens 8% of the time in cheetah births. Yet every year a similar large family with 6 cubs is to be found in the Mara.


It is rare for cubs to be so active and lively. They are only 2 weeks old!


Malaika is the daughter of Kike, a cheetah well known to many who watched the BBC series “Big Cat Diaries”.


Female cheetahs are solitary. This means mom - like all cats – is solely responsible for the cubs.


Ungulates will not present a threat to the cubs but mum nonetheless keeps a close eye on any passer-by.


The rangers have declared the area off limit but those with the long lenses are having a good time. Of course, the cheetah moves a lot and sometimes she brings the cubs in a more open area. In the meantime she even found the time to make a kill.


Staying low the odorless Thomson fawn remains absolutely motionless, not knowing that his dad is about to remain still forever.


Mothers accompanied by cubs will often hunt in the middle of the day, when the risk of interference from lions or hyenas is at a minimum.


The cubs stayed behind, but now the time is right to introduce them to a new experience.


It came as a shock. Cautiously they slowly follow their mother.


Cheetahs feed together amicably, but the cubs never saw a fresh kill before. They have no idea what they are expected to do with it.


They are very vulnerable here on the open plains. She needs to bring them to a safe hiding place before the nightshift becomes active.


Shortly after the filming the road was fully closed to give the family a moment’s rest.


A fragment from AVP film ”After the Rains”.


Title: ”Cheetah with 6 cubs”

Running time: 5 minutes

Language: instrumental

Voice over:  n.a.

Recording year:  AVP © 2014

Format: High Definition 16:9

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