Karibu Kenya



Kenya the way you never saw before. Where time stood still. The world’s most visited safari destination continues to surprise many visitors. The film shows life in the wilderness as it really is.


Ranging from nervous buffalo, pre-historic monitor lizards, to rituals of the impressive elephants and a just born ellie trying to keep up with the herd. Big male elephants intrude the herd wanting to mate.


Exciting when a family of waterbuck is heading straight to the pride of lions and see a giraffe freezing when three enormous male lions come within striking range.


Special events are highlighted. Zebras, Grant’s gazelle, cheetah on the hunt, learn everything about the majestic elephant and the smallest of antelope the dik-dik. Understand why impalas are called ”fast food ”. Experience encounters with venomous snakes and how a giant scorpion meets his superior. Witness very close by when lions devour their prey, whilst the rarely seen Hartlaub’s bustard is displaying to attract a partner.


An educational experience to see where and why baby elephants become orphan, why some animals avoid each other whereas others tend to seek each others company.


That and much more is what this attractive East African country to offer. Welcome to Kenya!

Title: ”Karibu Kenya”
Running time: 48 minutes
Language: English
Voice over:  Elise Maijs, voice actors being supplied by Ingrid Putman, owner and trainer at Studio Oranjeoord.
Recording year:  AVP © 2013
Format: High Definition 16:9
Price: EUR 14,95