The film ”REPTILES IN KENYA” introduces the viewer to Kenya. It’s culture, bustling cities, and the abundant wildlife. Animals you may or may not have seen before. It could well be that you drove by the animals without seeing them.
But you can be sure that many eyes were watching you.


AVP’s experienced film crew did see those hidden animals in full action.


Leopard tortoises, giant monitor lizards, lioness attacking a sneaky croc to protect her cubs, and an army of huge Nile crocodiles feasting on wildebeest making their famous ”DEATH ROLLS”.


Poisonous snakes, like the highly toxic cobra and a fast moving BLACK NECKED SPITTING COBRA going for us. The cameraman handling a very aggressive-, bite happy AFRICAN ROCK PYTHON. Can a SAND BOA bite and will it attack her handler?


This and much more snakes and other reptiles can be seen in AVP’s latest film ”REPTILES IN KENYA”.


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AVP film ”REPTILES IN KENYA” is available on DVD or USB stick.




Miscellaneous: research, script writer, translations, camera, editing, titles: Ko Augustijn

Produced: Augustijn Video Productions (AVP)

Voice-over: BILL MACKIE.

Copyright: AVP©2020

Running time:  26 minutes
Language: English
Voice over: BILL MACKIE
Recording year:  AVP © 2020
Format: PAL High Definition 16:9
Price: EUR 15,00   (incl. postage within The Netherlands)