Secrets of Kenya




Kenya is most known for its abundant wildlife. Colorful folklore displayed by the proud Masai. Stunning sceneries.
We know it all from television. But do we really?


Kenya has many secrets to be divulged for the eager eye.


The film takes you very close to the elephants, grazing in the marsh near Kilimanjaro. Lions set up an ambush for a herd of buffalo, when suddenly something totally unexpected happens. A male ostrich at display, but will he conquer his pride to be? The bushbaby shows its rather unusual eating habits. Hidden in the undergrowth the elusive bush buck shows itself. He is not alone in the forest. Hartebeest with calves is being closely watched by cold eyes.


In Ziwani the “Chameleon Man” pops-up in many different disguises. Huge crocs react surprisingly when danger closes in during a bush walk. Giraffes in rut. Elephants testing their force. Will the lions indeed remain hidden in the tall grass?


The new born Thomson gazelle is very tempting. Birds like the buff crested bustard displays in a fashion rarely captured on camera. Arousing chanting emanates from the Masai warriors. The Masai have been able to adhere to their age old traditions despite the encroaching modern world.


Kenya is still full of secrets.

Title: Secrets of Kenya
Running time: 55 minutes
Language: English
Voice over: Marijke Bangert
Recording year:  AVP © 2011
Format: High Definition 16:9
Price: EUR 14,95