Kenya. The country where the wilderness never sleeps. Especially at night there is plenty of action. Animals
that find it too hot during the day seize their chance when it is dark. That’s when particularly big cats are active.
With strong SPOTS, AVP revealed what remains hidden for most.


What’s a quiet waterhole during the day, can turn into an arena for fights without precedent at night.
Hundreds of black bodies crowd each other while drinking, until the lions appear.


Even during the day, a peaceful scene can quickly turn into full panic, when a huge herd of elephants startles and runs wild en masse.


The African wilderness guarantees unexpected events.


It is very unusual when a displaced Hippo goes for a walk in the heat of the day, even defying resting lions. A lioness is hiding her cubs on the outcrop from the hungry baboons. Just up ahead, a cheetah female is cracking the bones of the Dik-dik she just killed. Fish eagles pick fish from the water with their graceful dive flight. Topi’s are fighting for their right to mate, while a male leopard delineates his territory. A coalition of 5 male cheetah’s is preparing for the hunt. Wildebeest are massively plunging into the whirling Mara river. Blind to the crocodiles that were there.
Lots of them and big too.


Too many adventures to mention. The film crew was lucky. With ample experience and a bit of luck they were always at the right time and place to be able to point the camera for special events.


The result of all these efforts has been incorporated into the exclusive movie “SPOT ON”, which is available in full as “private film” on YouTube.


The trailer already reveals something of what one can expect.


”SPOT ON” was narrated in Dutch in an inimitable way by professional voice actor JOOST VAN WIJK.


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Title: SPOT ON

Running time:  58 minutes

Language: Dutch

Voice over: JOOST VAN WIJK

Recording year:  AVP © 2018

Format: PAL High Definition 16:9

Price: on request