Promo film WILD KENYA





Promotional film “WILD KENYA” gives a good picture of what the versatile Kenya has to offer. Unforgettable events in the safari land par excellence.


- Action
A drama unfolds. When the migration of well over 1,5 million gnu cross the Mara river. Thousands of buffalo gather at a waterhole. Big cats, neck-fighting of giraffes, armies of Safari ants are on their way. Topi, zebra’s en gnus vigorously defend their territory.


- Nature
The most beautiful spots of Kenya are visited. Many shades of green, flowering vegetation and plenty of water.
If you want something off the beaten track.


- Discover
Cautiously traveling over bumpy roads find yourself blocked by thousands of wildebeest. Exciting when rivers infested by crocodiles and hippos are crossed with difficulty. AVP’s film crew discovered and filmed the very rare naked mole rat. Quickly making room for the deadly fast moving black mamba.


Water management, cattle-breeding, ecologically justified laundry amidst rare fresh water tortoise.


- Water safaris
Under the watchful eyes of the many hippos, the fish eagles catch their prey right next to the boat. African common terns are fed by their parents. A wonder world with a view from the water.


- Walking safaris
Escorted by an experienced local guide and armed ranger the wilds of Kenya were explored by foot. Elephants, big cats, giraffe and many ungulates startled by the walking intruders.
An unmatched sensation.


- Bird watching
Kenya is famous for its large variety of birds. Big or small. AVP managed to capture a wide variety of them on film.


- Wildlife
Kenyan nature cannot exist without the delicate balance between eating and being eaten. Lions having their meal, leopards hunting, cheetahs making a kill and feeding their cubs. An elephant was left undisturbed by a leopard passing by. Visitors are bound to encounter the unexpected.


- Special features
Orphan elephants at Sheldrick, caressing cheetah, keeping a sand boa in your hand, embrace a rock python or standing inside the cave of the frightful male lions – the “Man-eaters of Tsavo”. This and much more literally can come within reach.


The images from “The Wilds of Kenya” are taken from the AVP films “Never Give Up” and “Blue Eyes”.


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Title: Wilds of Kenya
Running time: 5 minutes
Language: n.a.
Voice over: geen
Recording year:  AVP © 2011
Format: High Definition 16:9
Price: contact