Peter’s Hot Papas




Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) produced a LIVE performance of Peter’s Hot Papas.


Peter’s Hot Papas consist of 5 musicians (no drummer), who play traditional jazz:

- Peter Versnel : leader and trombone

- Ab Wieringa : sousaphone

- Kees Nederveen: clarinet

- Rob Buijtendijk : banjo

- Arend Wegelin : trumpet


The members of the band (65+) are all from Rotterdam and its environs and formerly played in various well known Dutch bands.


They play this music ever since the 1960s other than their respective careers being technical engineer, loss surveyors, science teacher and merchant officer.


Peter’s Hot Papas have played all over the world ranging from Singapore to New York and from Dubai to St. Petersburg!


After their retirement they decided to continue playing traditional jazz and over the past few years the band played among others in The Royal Norfolk & Suffolk Yacht Club at Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK, and the Angleterre Hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia.


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Title: Peter’s Hot Papas
Running time: 50 minutes
Language: instrumental
Voice over: none
Recording year: AVP © 2013
Format: High Definition 16:9
Price: EUR 14,95