Nature films


The film ”Earth” – made in 2007 by Disneynature, BBC en Discovery Channel – took 5 years to be made with a budget of no less than EUR 45 million.


Dutch filmmaker Ko Augustijn of Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) has to do with a little less.
Yet the final result of AVP’s efforts is certainly worthwhile.


Even though he is very widely orientated, Ko rather prefers to be outdoors in the unspoiled wilderness,
such as still found in some parts of Africa. Of course always accompanied by his ”Personal Assistant” Ria.


They have been filming in Namibia and Botswana, but they usually hangs out in East Africa.


For several decades the film couple was travelling through Tanzania and Kenya, to make shootings for the large number of wildlife documentaries Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) produced.


Wild animals are the main actors. Their behavior is respectfully captured on film in their natural habitat.


Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) makes films with no purpose of commercial success. Ko and Ria know better than anyone that you can only make good nature films when you do that with passion, submission and know-how.


They are occasionally filming on awesome moments, like when at first sight nothing much is likely to be expected. Even in the heat of day, when most animals rest and tourists rather relax around the pool. There’s always something going on worth while filming. 24/07. Then definitely you need to be there!


In National Parks the highly motivated AVP team hits the road at first light around six o’clock. The crew remains active non-stop till the sun quickly sets 12 hours later. In private parks filming continues even in the dark, armed with good cameras and powerful spotlights. That makes long, tiresome days and very short nights.


The biggest difference between the two parks is that National Parks can only assessed from dawn till dusk and you must stay on the roads. In Private reserves/conservancies you are allowed to drive off-road and need case drive right through the bush. Also in the dark. That’s when it gets really exciting!


Lions hunt at night. Fortunately they don’t usually hunt for filmmakers. Lions see an open jeep as a completely harmless animal, smelling like oil, petrol and rubber. A lion will pass a few feet away from you and not attack you,
just as long as you stay within the contours of the vehicle.


Wildlife filmmakers are not getting any free gifts. Waiting, dust, heat and last but not least wild animals which refuse
to be pushed around. Anyone who does not want that has the choice from the huge range of nature films by Augustijn Video Productions (AVP)


Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) gladly convey their passion. To the younger generation. They have the future.


With their films AVP tries to send a message that we need to cherish the vanishing nature.