the Sparrow hawk – death and destruction.


A real garden is home for many birds. A huge variety of species, sizes and colors gets together in a
looks like paradise. They may eat, drink, bathe and find shelter.


In nature the rule is ”eat or be eaten”. That is no different in your own garden. If on top of that you make a lot of noise chances are slim that you remain unseen. The constant flapping of wings unavoidably attracts birds of prey.


A Sparrow hawk just killed a pigeon.


The film by Ko Augustijn provides all the answers;

- what are raptors eating?

- are both males and females hunting?

- why eat birds of prey so quickly?

- is eating impractical without teeth or molars?

- why do leftovers consist of feathers only?

- where are the remaining legs and bones?

- is a Sparrow hawk afraid of corvidae?

- how can you tell the difference between females and males?

- is it sensible to attract birds in our garden?


Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) demonstrates that – even close to home – there’s a lot to experience for those who wants to see it.


Title: ” the Sparrow hawk”

Running time: 7 minutes

Language: Dutch

Voice over:  Ko Augustijn

Recording year: AVP © 2017

Format: PAL / High Definition 16:9

Price: EUR 10,00 (plus postage)