Seal nursery – Pieterburen, NL. More than 35 years ago the nursery started accommodating seals in need. Now it is a seal hospital where optimal medical care is given and where the animals can recover before they return into the wild.


On April 29, 2011 some 250 invitees participated in a special day for the supporters. Many staff members gave chapter and verse on departments where visitors are usually refused admission.


In travel chests 6 seals were transported to ”de Punt van Reide”. The Dollard region became starting point for a new start in the Wadden sea.


AVP made an impression of an extraordinary day, the highlight being where the seals should be; FREE!

Title: Free
Running time: 12 minutes
Language: Dutch
Voice over: staff and Lenie ‘t Hart
Recording year:  AVP © 2011
Format: High Definition 16:9
Price: EUR 9,95