Rose-ringed parakeet – a blessing or a curse?


A high-pitched scream. A green bolt rapidly flies past. A rose-ringed parakeet!


This trailer gives an impression of the Dutch film ”rose-ringed parakeet – a blessing or a curse?”


AVP produced a short film about the relatively new immigrant in the Netherlands.


Informative, entertaining, Dutch spoken and provided with atmospheric music.


Although the film also looks at finch, jackdaw, jay, collared dove and others the leading role is played by the newcomer in the Netherlands; the feral rose-ringed parakeet.


Meantime some 10.000 fly around in Holland. The bright green birds are mostly seen in and around big cities.
That makes sense since the tropical looking birds would not turn down any supplementary feeding.


Parks and gardens offer exactly what the 40 cm sized rose-ringed parakeet needs. Using his powerful beak just loves to break sunflower seed and peanuts.


With little trouble they are easily lured in your own garden.


Especially in wintertime the colorful bird is definitely worth watching.


Rose-ringed parakeet are here to stay!


Still images from the film are to be seen on our website under the heading ”photos”.


Title: ”Halsbandparkieten – een zegen of een vloek?”

Running time: 14 minutes

Language: Dutch

Voice over: Ko Augustijn

Recording year: AVP © 2017

Format: PAL / High Definition 16:9

Price: EUR 10,00 (plus postage)