Weird birds – the Woodcock.


A WOODCOCK in your garden? That happened in Oud Beijerland (NL).


The snow ’s just gone when there was something on the back terrace early in the morning.


A brown ball with a long beak – as big as a pigeon – quickly ducked under the bushes. He kept hidden there for hours and did not move. Only in the late afternoon we suddenly saw him walking in the middle of the lawn. Looking for worms. Their favorite meal. Until even in the dark he pulled one worm after the other out of the ground that has just been thawed. The next morning he was gone.


Woodcocks are unique stilts with short legs, which usually live in the forest. When there is snow they sometimes come to urban gardens to make a pit stop.


Yet you rarely see them. Woodcocks are particularly shy. Most of the time, they remain motionless until the very last moment, to suddenly fly up just in front of your feet.


Even during foraging they can suddenly freeze.


The chance of seeing a woodcock is very small.


Moreover, they are mainly active at night and at dusk.


Our winter guest was filmed through the unwashed window, which does not make the event any less special.
You can be very lucky if you ever see a Woodcock.


At best, you still know the bird as an image on the former 100 Dutch guilder note.


Aerating your lawn? The Woodcock does it ECO-style.


Especially for bird lovers Ko Augustijn presents his film “WEIRD BIRDS – THE WOODCOCK”,
to share the life of a bird that rarely shows itself.


Title: “WEIRD BIRDS – THE WOODCOCK” (Rare vogels)

Running time: 10 minutes

Language: Instrumental

Recording year: AVP © 2021

Format: PAL High Definition 16:9

Price: EUR 10,00