Winter in de Hoeksche Waard




Winter firmly makes a grab on Holland.


Long lasting freezing cold cause magnificent skating ice.


During an extremely cold night, mist rolls over the fields. A rare sensation.


When the sun breaks through on January 09, 2009, a spectacle seldom found unfolds over the Hoeksche Waard. Irregular, cold crystals are developed by the fog.


The corn mill ”De Swaen” (the Swan) near Nieuw Beijerland dominates the environment since 1703.


Under the clear blue sky the nature sanctuary ”De Swaen” (the Swan) lies adjacent the river Spui. Silent and deserted. A fairy-like world; ”Winter in the Hoeksche Waard”.


The landscape changing place into this rare phenomena was captured by Augustijn Video Productions (AVP).


Title: Winter in de Hoeksche Waard
Running time: 2 minutes
Language: instrumental
Voice over: none
Recording year:  AVP © 2009
Format: 4:3
Price: EUR 4,95