Zoo modern style, with plenty of action.


Ouwehand opened its doors for the general public in 1932. Since then much has changed.


The film by Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) gives a view on an extraordinary collection.


A breathtaking impression of extremely lively animals.


In a natural environment we find
- the Tiger forest, with its majestic Siberian tigers
- the Aquarium, with its Sea horses and very deadly Stonefish
- the American Continent, with its Beaver rats and playful Raccoons
- the Bear forest, with its Brown bears, generally saved from deplorable circumstances in Eastblock countries and mysterious looking wolves
- Arctica, with spectacular recordings of underwater playing and swimming polar bears
- Europe, with its Fallow deer and a very recently new born calf and plenty of other exciting animals.



Title: ZOOoooooo
Running time: 20 minutes
Language: Dutch
Voice over: Ko Augustijn
Recording year:  AVP © 2003
Format: 4:3
Price: EUR 9,95