Travel films


AVP offers travel films, produced by the filmmakers themselves. Selflessly. Neutral. Impartial.
Africa, America, Asia, Europe. The most beautiful images right into your living room.


The Dutch AVP has a special collection of films, including travel films.


Watching travel films is a happy anticipation of a planned journey. As a reminder of places you have visited or just because it is fun to watch the film of your choice.


Get some ideas for your own trip. AVP offers travel films and other inspiring films to make you even more curious to see the rest of the world.


Travel films by AVP are ideally suited for travel companies and tour operators to be shown during lectures and presentations.


The shorter trailers are ready to be placed on websites.


Ko and Ria Augustijn are especially interested to give advice and are regularly asked for lectures and seminars. They’ve been there and tell their stories firsthand. As independent filmmakers. Not commissioned and without any connection with third parties.


The team of Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) already travels the globe for decades thereby taping beautiful recordings. Our website is full of photos and films.


Already within the Netherlands there’s a lot of travelling to make, like visiting a zoo, witness the rut of red deer
on the Veluwe or in the Weerterbos. To be out in the freezing cold in winter or enjoy own back yard in summer.
AVP’s cameras captured it all.


Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) did a lot of travelling through Europe, including Ireland, England, Germany
and France. That resulted in extraordinary films which came out on DVD.


Travelling through different continents is often quite an experience. Shooting for AVP travel films includes
North America, Thailand, China, Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania and of course many times Kenya,
where elephant orphans are a very attractive destination in itself.


Under the rubric ”FILM TRAILERS” many short impressions are offered of the wide range of travel films and documentaries produced by AVP.


Travel films by Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) make travel even more complete and encourage to discover
the world.