York is the show-piece of the English Cathedral cities.


At the time of the Vikings the city was known as Jorvik, which later became to be York.


The York Minster, the largest mediaeval cathedral in Great Britain, was built between 1220 and 1475.


Augustijn Video Productions (AVP) shows the Minster in all its splendour, with its rich interior, the painted roof of the nave, the decorated choir fence, the crypt and treasury.


The “ladies traveller” guide you through the Minster, take you on a city tour by double deck bus, make their round along the City Walls and not to forget a walk through the pittoresk streets like the Shambles, in the old days a street with many butcher’s shops.





Title: York
Running time: 28 minutes
Language: n.a.
Voice over: none
Recording year:  AVP © 2004
Format: 4:3
Price: EUR 9,95