explore Tanzania


Hallmark in the new AVP film “explore Tanzania” is the massive birth of the wildebeest in Ndutu. Narrated in English (trailer will be updated) the film leads you through the dense mahogany forests of Manyara. According to Ernest Hemmingway the most beautiful surroundings in Africa.


The largest baboon population on earth shares the rain forest with the blue Sykes monkeys.


Elephants feed on the lush grass, but are they really that tolerant?


End of January numerous predators congregate in the south east section of the Serengeti for the annual feeding frenzy. More than 400,000 calves are born in a period of just 4 weeks. They are on their feet within 15 minutes and are fast to run with the elders at full speed.  But not all are able to reach that stage. The film shows the tragic adventure of a wildebeest to deliver and immediately forces to abandon her new born calf. Famous Dutch filmmaker Hugo van Lawick worked in Ndutu for over 30 years and was buried here.


Big cats are waiting to grab their chance. A cat and mouse play in major. From his well camouflaged hide the leopard patiently waits for prey to find themselves underneath the tree.


Whilst nomadic male lions hide on the open plains, some elephants demonstrate a rarely captured love between males and an elephant cow trying to survive with her trunk largely bitten off.


More than 100 species of birds live within the large crater of Ngorongoro. Four thousand zebra and other ungulates constitute the most dense wildlife area in the world. Over 25,000 large mammals live together in a 20 km wide natural habitat. Plains, forest, fresh water pools and a salt lake are home to an unmatched variety of wildlife. Also here new life is born and lions take advantage of the raging thunderstorm providing them some distraction.


Unabated they try to survive and reproduce to perpetuate the species.


The next generation waits a beautiful future if we treat nature with respect and understanding.


”Explore Tanzania” is another valuable complement to the broad spectrum of AVP films.

Title: ”explore TANZANIA”
Running time: 59 minutes
Language: English
Voice over:  Bill  Mackie
Recording year:  AVP © 2013
Format: PAL + NTSC / High Definition 16:9
Price: EUR 14,95  (plus postage)