Tanzania offers an overwhelming number of wildlife and an immense diversity of nature. This is where 20 percent of the large African mammalian species live. More than 1000 bird species makes it a unique mecca for birdlife.


This film shows the live and let live on the endless plains. Filmed on moments of biggest activity. Eat or be eaten.


Hundreds of thousands of flamingos, white storks, pelicans and yellow billed storks have gathered in and around
Lake Manyara.


The annual migration of the wildebeest starts with the baby boom of 400.000 wildebeest in Ndutu. Of course the predators are on alert. Cheetahs, lions and hyenas have newly born young ones. Wildebeest calves make their
first shaky steps amongst the lurking jackals in the Ngorongoro crater.


Extraordinary footage of genets, bat-eared foxes, serval, playing cheetah and lion cubs, bathing elephants,
tree lions on the Serengeti and hysterical zebras running back and forth.


Action, full of “aaaahs” and ”no’s” in breathtaking settings.


Wild animals filmed in their natural behavior on and around the endless plains.



Running time:  62 minutes 

Language: Dutch

Voice over: Ko Augustijn

Recording year:  AVP © 2017

Format: PAL High Definition 16:9

Price: EUR 14,95   (plus postage)