Winter in Africa ft Tanzania



It is winter. Snow in Africa. While the highest summits of Africa are covered with eternal snow, East Africa sighs under the blazing sun. East Africa is now full of life. Many animals have offspring.


On the shores Lake Manyara, at the foot of the 6.000 meters high Kilimanjaro, the dense mahogany forests are home to the shy Sykes and Colobus monkey. A large bull elephant is in musth and inspects the elephant cows to find out whether they are willing to mate. Various birds try to survive in the last remaining pools.


It is warm in winter.  Between hyenas and lions, a wildebeest calf has lost its herd in the Serengeti. There is more life to be found on Moru Kopjes. “Gong Rocks” resonates a sound across the Serengeti. The sound is like that of a steel drum but is entirely emitted from the massive granite rock.


Hysterically thousands of zebras are braying whilst drinking at Seronera River. Hippos are fighting for breeding rights.


Some 300.000 wildebeest are born almost simultaneously in the south eastern section of the Serengeti. The “Shifting Sands” have moved another 17 meters eastwards.


In Ngorongoro Crater we witness a wildebeest being born. The rare Kori bustard parades by, holding up his chest and tail feathers. Just when a hellish thunderstorm breaks out in Ngorongoro Crater, the lions attack.


The film shows unique events happening during wintertime, when East Africa erupts with life. The large maternity home in February. Winter in Africa.



Title: Winter in Africa  ft Tanzania
Running time: 45 minutes
Language: Dutch
Voice over: Ko Augustijn
Recording year:  AVP © 2005
Format: 4:3
Price: EUR 14,95
“Winter in Africa” is also available as double DVD, ft. Kenya and Tanzania
Price: EUR 24,95