Crazy Elephants


CRAZY ELEPHANTS. A day in the life of orphan elephants in Kenya. Follow the foster parents during their visit to their favorites. A film full of enjoyable moments. Informative and touching.


Old acquaintances and new orphans. We meet the younger ones as they splash in the mudd pool, whilst Edwin is informing the audience. The foster parents are welcoming them late in the afternoon when they leave the bush to go for their stables. But Sheldrick hosts yet more guests in Nairobi.


Wild elephants are obstructing the passage to the shelter in Voi. We meet Shimba, Panda, Rombo and of course Dabassa, Layoni, Mzima and our Kenia. And here too Sheldrick provides for a surprise. But this Lualeni is no elephant. The deceased Dida received a respectful precious place.


Hundreds of weaver birds are building their nests near the stockade at Ithumba. In several groups the orphans show themselves. As soon as daylight comes the frolicking recommences.


When the mist makes way Ithumba shows its colourful appearance.


The mudd pool is empty and abandoned. Only fresh paw prints show the elephants had company of a huge lion. When something comes alive in the bushes serenity is over. Impatiently the orphans rush upon the milk. Moments later they are deliriously heading for the water.


Our sparring partner Kibo, pacesetter Kilaguni and their many friends amuse themselves in the pool. An absolute spectacle and very moving.


Emmanuel, Edwin’s brother, is in full control and introduces us to Yetu, born in the wild as first calf of ex-orphan Yatta.


The group of orphans is grazing on Ithumba hill. Makireti, Shukuru, they are all there and in good shape. Upon their return our good old friend Wendi will be waiting at the stockade to welcome them.


Orphan elephants playfully mixing with wild elephants. To eventually totally return to the wild.


Q) Will the orphan elephants benefit in any way from the proceeds of the film?

A) Yes. AVP makes sure that EUR 2,50 per DVD will benefit the orphan elephants in Kenya.

For members of FotE we credit ”Friends of the Elephant”; for others this amount will be transferred to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust – Nairobi.

Title: ”Crazy Elephants”
Running time: 56 minutes
Language: English
Voice over:  Elise Maijs, voice actors being supplied by Ingrid Putman, owner and trainer at Studio Oranjeoord.
Recording year:  AVP © 2013
Format: High Definition 16:9
Price: EUR 14,95