TRUST – orphan elephants in Kenya



Almost one full hour entertainment, watching orphan and wild African elephants. Filmed on location at and around the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya.


Dida, Kenia, Kibo, Kilaguni, Kora, Lempaute, Lesanju, Makireti, Mumbushi, Mutara, Naipoki, Rafiki, Shimba, Shukuru, Sities, Tano, Wendi and many others are abundantly pictured.


Follow the elephants during their play-hour at the nursery in Nairobi and when they exuberantly return from the bush late afternoon. Touching! Dry Ithumba stands for spectacle when the orphans make contact with giant wild elephants. Tank lorries provide fresh water on a daily basis. And not to forget Voi, where wild elephants chased keepers and film crew into the stockade to join the orphans.


Witness when various elephants display their dismay and frustration by hitting film camera and film maker.


The keepers themselves explain. Information at first hand. The film is fully sub-titled in Dutch. Thanks to close cooperation rendered by the Hilversum based MultiVoice International Voice Agency the film is Dutch spoken by the warm voice of professional narrator Frits Bloemink.


“TRUST”. Entertaining, informative, touching and thrilling. “TRUST”; confidence.

Title: “TRUST – weesolifanten in Kenia”
Running time: 58 minutes
Language: Dutch
Voice over:  Frits Bloemink, through MultiVoice Internationaal Stemmenburo in Hilversum, NL.
Recording year:  AVP © 2011
Format: High Definition 16:9
Price: EUR 14,95