You never saw them that close. Elephant orphans, ex-orphans, wild elephants. It is all crawling together.
All around the cameraman who went unprotected through all that natural violence.


That was not entirely without danger. Elephant orphans grew up with people, but it is different for wild elephants. Colossal bulls with huge tusks determine who will be tolerated in their vicinity and that soon becomes clear when
you are just a few meters away to undergo their threatening warnings.


At the “David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust” filmmaker Ko Augustijn was shooting for the last elephant film which AVP will produce.


”WEESOLIFANTEN WORDEN WILD” (”ELEPHANT ORPHANS GO WILD”) is a special film, in which not only the life of the elephant orphans in and around the various reintegration centers is highlighted. This time it was mostly about the integration between elephant orphans and wild elephants. This is, after all, the goal of Sheldrick’s recipe for success. 


Also the previous films AVP produced about elephant orphans in Kenya proved to be successful. Especially the little ones in Nairobi are adorable, while the larger ones in Voi and Ithumba make quite an impression.


Foster parents are offered a look behind the scenes, but not everyone has the opportunity to travel to Kenya


To give everyone an impression of this special world, AVP has produced various films about elephant orphans.


”WEESOLIFANTEN WORDEN WILD” is a film full of action, lots of trumpeting and with lots of fun moments.


Who can explain that better then the cameraman himself. Dutch spoken by the filmmaker and where necessary subtitled in Dutch.


A film with a message!! ”Be aware that we need to conserve what we risk losing.”


Title: WEESOLIFANTEN WORDEN WILD (Elephant Orphans Go Wild)

Running time:  40 minutes 

Language: Dutch  (!!!)

Voice over: Ko Augustijn

Recording year:  AVP © 2018

Format: PAL High Definition 16:9

Price: EUR 16,95   (incl. postage within the Netherlands only)