WIVA – her first day


Ex-orphan Wendi gave birth to her first wild born baby girl on 13 October 2015. The best evidence that hand-reared orphaned infant elephants can reintegrate back into the Kenyan wildlife.


Wendi never knew her elephant mother or family. Now she has the joy of being a mother herself, accompanied by nannies ex-orphans who are all beside themselves with excitement and eager to take care of the baby.


Meet WIVA ! Born only last night.


Mingling amongst the legs of mum and the rest of the herd. She knows exactly where to find the nipple, but the question is how to get to it.


The film shows Wiva’s very first steps into the wilds of Tsavo east, escorted by her diligent security guards.
Wiva is working very hard trying to remember all new impressions. Wiva is named after the weaver birds that are busily nesting near the Ithumba stockade.


Elephants have a strong bond with their keepers. Benjamin Kyalo is probably the only human being to be allowed to actually touch and caress the new born.


The video footage captures some of the earliest moments in the young elephant’s life.


Maisha marifu! Cheers WIVA!


Filmed at: “David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust” – Ithumba, Kenya.

Filmmaker, script, editing: Ko Augustijn

Voice-over: Bill Mackie

Title: ”WIVA – her first day”
Running time: 15 minutes
Language: English
Voice over:  Bill  Mackie
Recording year:  AVP © 2015
Format: PAL + NTSC / High Definition 16:9
Price: EUR 9,95    (plus postage)