The dry sandbanks are being used by seals as a resting place. The grey seal, with its pointed snout, and the common seal, are no threat to the shrimpfishers.


The season of the seal cups commences mid June. Seal cups that loose their mother are taken care of at the seal sanctuary of Lenie ‘t Hart in Pieterburen (Groningen).


Every year about 50 seal cups loose their mother. The seals are closely inspected and placed in quarantine. After a period of optimum healthcare they are being released into the wild; the Waddenzee.


Nursing a new foundling in presence of owner Mrs. Lenie ‘t Hart, was touched captured by Augustijn Video Productions (AVP).

Title: Zeehonden
Running time: 12 minutes
Language: instrumental
Voice over: none
Recording year:  AVP © 2001
Format: 4:3
Price: EUR 4,95